Single ukrainian ladies for marriage from Lviv

One might pick out two main traits of my character I am a very cheerful and kind person.

I love changes. I am very calm, but I can explode, so it is better not to make me angry, I cant stand senseless brutality and crass ignorance. I am very easily carried away person and I love being in LOVE! I have many interests, and as I like changes my interests change often too. But if to make a list of my constant interests, there will be traveling, music, movies, cooking, reading (I am a crazy reader!), dancing and playing backgammon. I love the nature and animals. I like learning everything new. I am interested in politics, when I a kid I used to dream to become s president of my country. Men! You are wonderful! I love all of you! To my mind every man is unique, so I do not have some preferences of how you look like, the traits of your character or your habits. I would like to meet a Real Man, who loves and respects women, but for all that he knows that he is a man so he is a leader and the last decision is always his.